ACE’s expertise has been honed by over two decades of experience in the execution of complex contracts throughout the length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent.

ACE’s strengths has been strong emphasis on building long term relationships with Clients and with its human resources, building infrastructure facilities and strong asset base, and a highly commitment oriented management. Working on these strengths have all enabled ACE to emerge as a leading Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) company.

Areas of Operation

We are and engineering and construction group with a focus on the hydrocarbon and energy industry. We specialize in installation of cross country pipelines. We derive our strengthfrom our ability to perform and deliver in adverse and challenging situations.

ACE has engineered & constructed over 3000 kilometers around India. Our experience includes small diameter pipelines for gas / oil gathering, high pressure large diameter gas trunk pipelines as well as raw water pipelines for power plants.

ACE has over time built an expertise in installing Oil, Gas and Water pipelines across crossings and surface obstacles such as Creeks, Rivers, Canals, Highways and Railways by trenchless equipment. ACE has the capabilities to complete crossings of up to 48-inch pipe with continuous lengths of over 2,000-feet.

ACE, in technical collaboration with PII Pipeline Solutions, brings the Pipeline Inline Inspection and Pipeline Integrity Management solutions to Hydrocarbon Pipeline Operators in India and Bangladesh.

We offer various services for testing and commissioning of Oil & Gas pipelines and Facilities including pipeline pigging services, hydrotesting, Pre-Commissioning, Drying using Super Dry Air or Vacuum Drying and Nitrogen Purging.

ACE has a strong engineering & construction team for execution of LSTK projects for various Oil & Gas Surface Facilities including:

  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Transmission Facilities such as Pig Launching / Receiving, Metering Stations,
  • Gas or Group Gathering Stations
  • Produced Water Treatment & Re-injection Facilities
  • Desalter Units
  • Flare Stack Units
  • Fuel Oil Handling Systems

ACE’s expertise includes Civil, Mechanical, Electrical & Instrumentation Construction Works for Oil& Gas Plants, Power Plants and Petrochemical Projects involving:

  • RCC Structures and Foundations for Static and Rotary Equipment
  • Erection of Equipment such as Fixed Heaters, Boilers, Reactors, Columns and other process plant equipment
  • Fabrication & Erection of Piping Materials such as Stainless Steel, Duplex Stainless Steel, High Nickel Chromium Steel.

ACE has considerable experience in offshore Fabrication and Testing and provides services related to the following:

  • Piping work on platforms such as Rigid Jumpers, CRP Spools, riser pipes flow arm and riser piping, water injection and gas lift lines using CS, NACE, SS and DSS,
  • Topside Fabrication for unmanned and process platforms,
  • Fabrication of riser clamps and protectors, deck extensions,
  • Fabrication of Structural work comprising of steel modules and assemblies such as Spreader Bar Assemblies